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jim collins tools

With the exception of the "Good to Great Experience" all tools are free to use, as outlined in the
terms of use.

Jim's Twelve Questions (pdf)

A guide for leaders who want to engage Jim's full body of work.

Good to Great® Diagnostic Tool (pdf)

Discuss and determine where you are on your journey from Good to Great.

Discussion Guide

Gain a deeper understanding of the ideas presented in the books Built to Last and Good to Great by using these questions for discussion.

Vision Framework (pdf)

Articulate your organization's vision.

Good to Great Experience (not available online)

Bring the Good to Great concepts into the classroom. This multimedia tool is exclusively for educators at academic institutions and is available from Darden Business Publishing at the University of Virginia. 

Recommended Reading

Iconic leaders aim to learn for the sake of learning. These books are a good start.